Physiotherapy on Holidays

The concept is very simple – to put an end to your pain and to improve the way you move while you enjoy your deserved holidays. Not bad, right?

The base of operations of YBM is in Portimão, a small city in the south of Portugal. It is located in the resort Vila Rosa.  Here, you can dive into the natural beauty of this region, while you recover from the injury that bothers you and confines your life quality.

YBM service has flexible schedules so that it can adjust to your extra-physiotherapy activities. The main goal is that you can fulfill both your needs: Holidays and Physiotherapy.

My aim is to find the cause of the symptoms and not just its consequence so that we can eliminate the problem permanently.

If you want my help please contact me by phone (+351 918 230 861) or email (

Let’s have your pain erased while you get on board a unique experience with extraordinary benefits for your personal health!

Physiotherapy / Movement Rehab

Except in trauma situations, the place where the pain is located isn’t the cause of the problem, it’s just its consequence. In YBM the main goal is to find the origin of the problem and to fix it. My work is based on this premise, putting together the manual therapy and the practice of movement as a way of erasing the pain and improving the patient’s functionality.

A battery of movement tests is performed in order to challenge your mobility and your motor control, linking your pain behavior to the way you move. This individualized approach helps to find the specific origin of the problem, and therefore it helps to decide on what’s the best therapeutic intervention for that problem.

The rehab process goes through the elimination of motor control compensations and structural impingements within the body, being followed by the reinforcement of movement patterns that sustain the changes that were introduced in the neuromusculoskeletal system.

I look for long-term results and not just a short interruption of the symptoms. I teach the patient to be an active part of the process, helping him/her to develop different strategies as far as exercise and ergonomics are concerned so that he/she can live a life free of pain.

In YBM people are taught how to help themselves, by handing them the responsibility of their own recovery. In this case, the therapist is just a catalyst of the entire process.

“A healer isn’t just someone who you run to, to help you heal. A healer is someone who triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself”. – Unknown.

Personal Training

The main goal of YBM is to provide a customized training to the client and not just a recipe that can fit everybody.

All the programming of the training is settled on a movement quality screen of the client, in order to avoid painful or dysfunctional movement patterns. Therefore, the physical integrity and well-being of those who wishes to train with me are preserved.

The training is as individualized as possible, keeping in mind the medical history, the goals, the competence and the capacity of movement of each one of the clients. Here, there aren’t two clients with the same training, there is always something that distinguishes them and that will be seen in the programming of the exercises.

YBM methodology is based on simplicity. We try to practice basic human movement patterns that are needed not only in most sports but also in daily activities, such as:

  • Squat;
  • Hip hinge;
  • Lunge;
  • Push;
  • Pull;
  • Movement patterns supported on one leg;
  • Trunk movement control (Core);
  • Loaded carries;

Ultimately I intend to ensure the DURABILITY of my clients, improving their ability to adapt to the demands of everyday life.

Off Season

Sports practice involves several quantitative performance parameters such as:  Strength, speed, endurance, agility, and power.

However, in order for these factors to be entirely optimized with a lower risk of injury, athletes should have a solid base of movement quality.

Throughout the competitive season, those fundamental standards of movement tend to deteriorate thanks to multiple factors, such as:

  • Fatigue (physical and mental)
  • Repetition of unilateral technical movements
  • Injuries (movement strategies in order to avoid the pain)
  • Motor control compensations (having certain muscles working for others)
  • Joints restrictions (decreased range of motion)

Since holidays are rest period, they are an excellent opportunity to eliminate or decrease athletes movement problems, providing them with the possibility of rebuilding the functional foundation that will support all the physical and technique demands throughout a season.

The main goal of this service is to improve the movement quality of the athletes so that it can sustain the development of the quantitative performance parameters.

“What you do in the off season determines what you do in the regular season.” – George Allen